day 1 of 14: Tell a Story- Downtown Covina.

Tonight, for my Photojournalism: Life on the Streets class, we met just a few blocks away from school, to capture Downtown Covina — the essence, the crowd, the vibe, the surroundings. To reach out of our comfort zones, in order to tell a story. Take as many pictures as we wanted,  but for our assignment due next week we have to choose 20-30 of our photos from tonight, and create a black & white photo story.
20-30 photos that provide good composition, good use of framing, and can tell a story.

Below are just a few of the shots I took tonight:





cross walk button



I have many other photos to go through before I put together my photo story, but this is just a sneak peak into what I did tonight. I explored a little bit deeper, looked a little closer, changed my perspective a bit, and captured a bit of Downtown Covina that I would normally just walk or drive by.

I opened my eyes a bit wider, to allow myself to see a bit more. I watched as the sun slowly began to fade away. I watched as the street lamps, buildings, and cars, lit up the night. I found myself looking for the little things that stood out, the minor things that could provide words to a story.

Here is to the stories we share, and those that we uncover along the way!

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