14 of 14: So long 26.

day 14(3)

Today, is my last day as a 26 year old.
Tomorrow, marks the start of 27.

It has shown me determination and drive.
It has shown me love and heartbreak.
It has shown me unconditional friendship.
It has shown me loss and life.
It has brought me new experiences.
It has brought me roadblocks.
It has brought me new beginnings.
It has brought me the need for change.
It has opened my eyes to my passions.
It has opened my heart to exploration.
It has opened my mind to endless possibilities.

I see 27 as an opportunity to do GREAT THINGS.
I see the continued unlocking of my PASSIONS.
I see my fire for photography continuing to grow.
I see my heart being open to change.
I see myself stepping outside the lines and doing big things.
I see reflection, I see more writing, I see more exploring.
I see my eyes being opened to my surroundings.
I see an AMAZING journey ahead of me!

So long 26.
Bring on 27!

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