day 5 of 14: What’s cookin’ Good Lookin’- Banana Oatmeal Pancakes

 Sunday morning- The perfect day to try a new recipe and take some time to read a book as well.

I decided to try making some Banana Oatmeal Pancakes after finding this recipe from Inside BruCrew Life. I didn’t feel like using flour in my pancakes, and I had some really ripe bananas on hand, so luckily I found this recipe. I figure I would try something new, and I must say- my tastebuds thoroughly enjoyed this creation!

pancakes (2)

pancakes (1)

The smell of pancakes and blueberries filled the kitchen.
The taste of DELICIOUS lingered on my taste buds.
The Sunday morning sunshine peered through the blinds.
The sound of my niece and nephew playing were my soundtrack.
The feel of the turning of pages of my book in my hand.

A lovely Sunday morning, with my senses enhanced. A beautiful way to start the day.