day 7 of 14: Awesome Encounter


klatch coffee

cancer ends with me


As I am sitting at my local coffee shop editing photos for an assignment due tomorrow, a woman just a few years older than me, notices the Cancer Ends With Me sticker on my laptop and smiles. As she waits for her coffee she tell her brother to look at my laptop. He then takes a glance and smiles as well. After a few minutes they get their coffee and are right next to me adding their cream and sugar, when the gal asks where I got the sticker. We get to chatting a bit about Cancer, I of course bring up LLS and TNT. She then tells me that their dad was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma just a few months ago. They say they have a great support system and a family that is staying strong through this time. I then remember that I have a few of those stickers in my backpack, when I snagged some from the AMBBR inspiration dinner. So, I gave each of them a sticker, gave them my email just in case they wanted to know more about TNT/LLS, we shook hands, sent well wishes, and they went on their way with smiles on their faces.

This moment was a little reminder of how many people cancer can impact. I am reminded of those that have fought, those fighting, and those we have lost along the way.

This moment made me extremely grateful for having found TNT when I did 3 years ago. It makes me proud of my TNT family continuing the fight for a cure. For those constantly inspiring me on the daily. It makes my heart smile for the bonds and friendships that have been created, for the cancer killing dollars raised, for the lives saved.

I may not be on a TNT team right now, but my passion for a cure continues to grow. My support for those training will always be there. And I will continue to raise awareness no matter where I am.



day 6 of 14: The joy of Play Doh!

This morning I found my niece and nephew playing with Play Doh.

The act of creating something and then destroying it, and starting all over again. Their active imaginations creating many different pieces. The smiles put on their faces with everything they made. The mixing of Play Doh colors & the excitement in their eyes. They are my reminder of the simple joys in life. I couldn’t help but have a little Play Doh fun, as well. It’s interesting how the scent of Play Doh can bring back so many memories. Memories of being a child, and creating my own Play Doh masterpieces!


play doh (4)

play doh (1)
My nieces Ice Cream Sandwich, Donut, and Cookie.


play doh (2)

play doh (3)
My nephews Cookie and his collection of toppings.


Sometimes, all it takes is a few minutes of playing with Play doh, to bring out the child from within.

And to appreciate the simple things!

day 5 of 14: What’s cookin’ Good Lookin’- Banana Oatmeal Pancakes

 Sunday morning- The perfect day to try a new recipe and take some time to read a book as well.

I decided to try making some Banana Oatmeal Pancakes after finding this recipe from Inside BruCrew Life. I didn’t feel like using flour in my pancakes, and I had some really ripe bananas on hand, so luckily I found this recipe. I figure I would try something new, and I must say- my tastebuds thoroughly enjoyed this creation!

pancakes (2)

pancakes (1)

The smell of pancakes and blueberries filled the kitchen.
The taste of DELICIOUS lingered on my taste buds.
The Sunday morning sunshine peered through the blinds.
The sound of my niece and nephew playing were my soundtrack.
The feel of the turning of pages of my book in my hand.

A lovely Sunday morning, with my senses enhanced. A beautiful way to start the day.



day 4 of 14: Capture Life.

capture life

I couldn’t keep myself away from my watercolors, so here is day 2 of watercolor time!
I decided to combine my love of photography with my new found enjoyment of watercolors. So, why not attempt to paint a camera. Two art forms in one place.

Capture life.

I have always enjoyed photography. Capturing a moment in time is what I have enjoyed for years upon years. I am pretty much carrying a camera with me at all times, whether it’s my iPhone, my Canon Powershot, or Nikon D40. To be able to photograph something, a moment, a connection, a celebration, a feeling, an embrace– it fuels my passion.

For years, I have been the one at family parties taking photos, capturing the laughs and smiles, freezing these moments. Allowing for those moments to be remembered for years. What a wonderful feeling it is. It is something that provides me much joy & satisfaction.

For the past 4 months I have been taking photography classes, in order to better understand photography. To see all that goes in to taking great photos. To learn the ins and outs of my camera. To move past “AUTO” and shoot in Manual. To learn the different styles in photography, the different ways to tell a story through my photos, the role in which the light plays in each photo taken. With each class taken, I learn a bit more, and with each lesson, I find myself enjoying the art of photography that much more. I am learning to LOVE WHAT I CREATE.

There is so much that goes on in a photograph than what meets the eye at a simple glance.
The backstory. The composition. The heart that is put forth in capturing the moment. The effort.

I find myself looking at the world differently.
I am constantly on the lookout for the many stories to be told.
I want to capture it all!



day 3 of 14: Add (water) color to your day

photo 1Last night, we had a guest speaker at school, amazing illustrator and artist, Keith Batcheller. He shared with us many of the things that he has worked on. It was pretty incredible to see so many pieces he illustrated, especially those done before the use of computers and Photoshop. To see all these designs done by hand, was pretty remarkable! There are so many types of art, and it makes me want to try out all the different mediums.

Which brings me to todays art adventure:

paint (2)

I decided to have an art day with my niece and nephew and explore the art of watercolor!
So, I bought each of us our own set of watercolors as well as our own pads of paper. And then, it was paint time! Whatever we wanted to paint, however many pieces, whatever colors, it was up to us! We let the our creativity flow and allowed our paintbrushes to move freely upon our paper.

paint (4)

paint (5)
An adorable Olaf, wearing heart earmuffs, done by my niece Lily. -6 years old

paint (3)
The little artist, Dylan, with his completed paintings. – 6 days til he turns 3!

paint (6)

paint (7)

These two paintings, done by Yours truly!

I still have much to learn about the art of watercolor, but it was nice to experiment with it for a bit. I enjoyed watching as the paint mixed with water, creating different shades. And seeing how the paint moved freely as it touched the paper. As well as watching my niece and nephew create their works of art, putting their ideas onto paper. I know there will definitely be more watercolor days for us! And I can’t wait to see what we come up with!

Grab some water colors and paper, and let the creativity flow!

day 2 of 14: Change your perspective

“ Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow. ”
– Imogen Cunningham


Today I had a field trip for my Photojournalism: A Study in Styles, class. We visited the Annenberg Space for Photography to view other people’s work. We’ve been told  just how important it is to see the different styles that people shoot, to learn from the work of other photographers, and to expand our knowledge. For the past few weeks I have been taught the importance of perspective, of looking at things differently, and daring to be different. So, I figured I would take that advice with each photograph I took today.

artdayannenberg (3)

artdayannenberg (1)

After I finished looking at the exhibit at the Annenberg Space for Photography, I decided I would continue this day of exploration and make my way to LACMA. I have been to LACMA plenty of times, but I figure I would take some photos from a different perspective today. I didn’t go into the exhibits and galleries, instead I spent my time outside exploring the art that was free!

The Urban Lights

artdaylightpost (2)

artdaylightpost (3)

artdaylightpost (4)

artdaylightpost (5)


artdayrock (2)

artdayrock (6)

artdayrock (7)

artdayrock (3)

Levitated Mass

artdayrock (9)


I realized what a difference a change in perspective can make. The simple act of looking up, can change the way you compose a photograph. A different sight, a different angle, a different way to look at things. Sometimes we can get so caught up in our daily lives, moving at such a fast pace, that we forget to look up every once in a while. There is so much beauty around us, so many things to see. It makes me want to slow down and take it all in. It makes me want to look up- look down- look left- look right- look near & far- to explore all the beauty surrounding me.
So, tomorrow and hopefully all the days to come, I will make it a mission to stop every now and then- and LOOK UP.
I challenge you to do so, as well! Who knows what you may find!



day 1 of 14: Tell a Story- Downtown Covina.

Tonight, for my Photojournalism: Life on the Streets class, we met just a few blocks away from school, to capture Downtown Covina — the essence, the crowd, the vibe, the surroundings. To reach out of our comfort zones, in order to tell a story. Take as many pictures as we wanted,  but for our assignment due next week we have to choose 20-30 of our photos from tonight, and create a black & white photo story.
20-30 photos that provide good composition, good use of framing, and can tell a story.

Below are just a few of the shots I took tonight:





cross walk button



I have many other photos to go through before I put together my photo story, but this is just a sneak peak into what I did tonight. I explored a little bit deeper, looked a little closer, changed my perspective a bit, and captured a bit of Downtown Covina that I would normally just walk or drive by.

I opened my eyes a bit wider, to allow myself to see a bit more. I watched as the sun slowly began to fade away. I watched as the street lamps, buildings, and cars, lit up the night. I found myself looking for the little things that stood out, the minor things that could provide words to a story.

Here is to the stories we share, and those that we uncover along the way!