day 2 of 14: Change your perspective

“ Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow. ”
– Imogen Cunningham


Today I had a field trip for my Photojournalism: A Study in Styles, class. We visited the Annenberg Space for Photography to view other people’s work. We’ve been told  just how important it is to see the different styles that people shoot, to learn from the work of other photographers, and to expand our knowledge. For the past few weeks I have been taught the importance of perspective, of looking at things differently, and daring to be different. So, I figured I would take that advice with each photograph I took today.

artdayannenberg (3)

artdayannenberg (1)

After I finished looking at the exhibit at the Annenberg Space for Photography, I decided I would continue this day of exploration and make my way to LACMA. I have been to LACMA plenty of times, but I figure I would take some photos from a different perspective today. I didn’t go into the exhibits and galleries, instead I spent my time outside exploring the art that was free!

The Urban Lights

artdaylightpost (2)

artdaylightpost (3)

artdaylightpost (4)

artdaylightpost (5)


artdayrock (2)

artdayrock (6)

artdayrock (7)

artdayrock (3)

Levitated Mass

artdayrock (9)


I realized what a difference a change in perspective can make. The simple act of looking up, can change the way you compose a photograph. A different sight, a different angle, a different way to look at things. Sometimes we can get so caught up in our daily lives, moving at such a fast pace, that we forget to look up every once in a while. There is so much beauty around us, so many things to see. It makes me want to slow down and take it all in. It makes me want to look up- look down- look left- look right- look near & far- to explore all the beauty surrounding me.
So, tomorrow and hopefully all the days to come, I will make it a mission to stop every now and then- and LOOK UP.
I challenge you to do so, as well! Who knows what you may find!