day 11 of 14: Watching Waves.

crystal coveToday was my nephews Superhero themed birthday party at Crystal Cove. Kids splashing in the water & playing in the sand.
Complete joy and fun had by these kids.
Jumping in the water, the sand beneath their toes, the sand crabs in their hands, the sand in their hair, and smiles on their faces.
Simple joys found in this moment.

Beauty surrounding us.
Listening to the laughter of kids and adults. The sounds of the waves crashing on the shore.
The sight of the vast ocean on the horizon, the different shades of blue and white  with every oncoming wave.
The peacefulness watching the waves making their way to the shore.

I love it. I find much joy watching the waves.
It is my reminder to take a step back and appreciate my surroundings.
To slow down.
To take in the beauty.
To inhale. To exhale. To observe. To appreciate. To release.