day 7 of 14: Awesome Encounter


klatch coffee

cancer ends with me


As I am sitting at my local coffee shop editing photos for an assignment due tomorrow, a woman just a few years older than me, notices the Cancer Ends With Me sticker on my laptop and smiles. As she waits for her coffee she tell her brother to look at my laptop. He then takes a glance and smiles as well. After a few minutes they get their coffee and are right next to me adding their cream and sugar, when the gal asks where I got the sticker. We get to chatting a bit about Cancer, I of course bring up LLS and TNT. She then tells me that their dad was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma just a few months ago. They say they have a great support system and a family that is staying strong through this time. I then remember that I have a few of those stickers in my backpack, when I snagged some from the AMBBR inspiration dinner. So, I gave each of them a sticker, gave them my email just in case they wanted to know more about TNT/LLS, we shook hands, sent well wishes, and they went on their way with smiles on their faces.

This moment was a little reminder of how many people cancer can impact. I am reminded of those that have fought, those fighting, and those we have lost along the way.

This moment made me extremely grateful for having found TNT when I did 3 years ago. It makes me proud of my TNT family continuing the fight for a cure. For those constantly inspiring me on the daily. It makes my heart smile for the bonds and friendships that have been created, for the cancer killing dollars raised, for the lives saved.

I may not be on a TNT team right now, but my passion for a cure continues to grow. My support for those training will always be there. And I will continue to raise awareness no matter where I am.