day 13 of 14: The recliner.

To most, this is just a recliner on the sidewalk. But to me and my family, this represents so much more. We got this recliner in preparation for my dad coming home after a month long stay in the hospital after being diagnosed with cancer. We got it for him to be as comfortable as possible, as we were making the living room his makeshift bedroom, so he didn’t have to climb upstairs. This represents the moments my dad was at home after being in the hospital for so long. This is where my dad would watch the golf channel, where we would bring him his breakfast-lunch-and dinner, where he watched my niece play in front of him. This is where he would hold a golf club, until he was strong enough to do some practicing in the backyard. This is a part of my dad’s cancer journey, about the memories we shared. Aside from the hospital bed, and the bed we had for him in the living room, this is one of the places where we spent the most time during those 4.5 months he battled cancer. This chair holds a piece of my dad. A piece of me. His cancer story. To see this on the curb brings me an abundance of different emotions.
Miss you always, dad