day 3 of 14: Add (water) color to your day

photo 1Last night, we had a guest speaker at school, amazing illustrator and artist, Keith Batcheller. He shared with us many of the things that he has worked on. It was pretty incredible to see so many pieces he illustrated, especially those done before the use of computers and Photoshop. To see all these designs done by hand, was pretty remarkable! There are so many types of art, and it makes me want to try out all the different mediums.

Which brings me to todays art adventure:

paint (2)

I decided to have an art day with my niece and nephew and explore the art of watercolor!
So, I bought each of us our own set of watercolors as well as our own pads of paper. And then, it was paint time! Whatever we wanted to paint, however many pieces, whatever colors, it was up to us! We let the our creativity flow and allowed our paintbrushes to move freely upon our paper.

paint (4)

paint (5)
An adorable Olaf, wearing heart earmuffs, done by my niece Lily. -6 years old

paint (3)
The little artist, Dylan, with his completed paintings. – 6 days til he turns 3!

paint (6)

paint (7)

These two paintings, done by Yours truly!

I still have much to learn about the art of watercolor, but it was nice to experiment with it for a bit. I enjoyed watching as the paint mixed with water, creating different shades. And seeing how the paint moved freely as it touched the paper. As well as watching my niece and nephew create their works of art, putting their ideas onto paper. I know there will definitely be more watercolor days for us! And I can’t wait to see what we come up with!

Grab some water colors and paper, and let the creativity flow!