enjoy life.

10516703_10152266467536319_6001986745247594725_nI have had this page set up for over a month, and I am FINALLY adding my first post.

What took me so long?

I have asked myself this question many times!

I was really trying to figure out what I wanted this to encompass. I have had many blogs before, some in which I attempted to post a photo everyday, others which I tried blogging, all of them- I totally failed at posting. I managed to post on a daily or weekly basis, but that only lasted for a couple months, and in some situations a few weeks. I wanted this to be different. I wanted to feel free to explore the world around me, to share my journey, and to express whatever I wanted to.
To find creativity and inspiration in every single day. And to share- in whatever manner I found best.
No rules. No boundaries. No limits.
Endless possibilities.

That is exactly what I’m going to do!


I currently sit here at my local coffee shop, people watching. It got me to think deeper about all these people, and the stories that they hold. So many journeys, so many stories, so many life lessons— surrounding me! So many places these people have traveled, so many roads, to many paths created. Hardships, triumph, sadness, & joy. Creativity, passion, interests- tucked under the surface. So many things that I have no idea about, by merely looking. So many things that would only be shown if we peeled back the layers, if conversations were shared, if we dig deeper than just observing.

Thinking about the stories that these people around me hold, has made me want to explore more. To explore the world around me, to allow more self discovery, to unlock my own interests, to see the world from different perspectives, but- in exploring- sharing as well. Digging deep within, peeling back the layers, and expressing.

In 14 days, I turn 27.
I’ve decided to use these 14 days, and use them well.
To live a life with much excitement, passion, & zest.
To give myself a kickstart in exploring and uncovering a bit of this world we live in!
I have challenged myself to post EVERYDAY for the next 14 days. Will I continue posting daily after my birthday? Probably not! But honestly, who knows!
I want to allow my creativity to be explored.
To write, draw, photograph, or paint – each day.
To observe my surroundings, to look at things differently.
To enjoy. To live. To embrace. To capture life.

Feel free to join me on this journey, and explore the world around you!
Here is to the next 14 days!



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